Our weekly program provides Mindfulness & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for all. We also have Women’s Only classes.


Every Wednesday 8 - 10PM

Every Sunday 6 - 8PM

We meet you where you're at!  

Self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts!
By starting with situations and techniques that you can manage and gain confidence in, we expand and challenge you to grow in a healthy and sustainable ways.  By paying attention to members current capacities and giving then opportunities to grow that are measured and realistic, members inevitably gain more and more confidence, capacity and strength through the practice.  


Every Saturday 5:30 - 7:30PM

The Pillars of this practice are rooted in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based self defense and Trauma theory.  In the decade plus of intensive Martial Arts training I've undertaken I've found no greater one on one self defense martial art for smaller vs bigger attacker than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  How well thought out and tested it is is nothing like any other Martial Art you've experienced.  The beauty of this art too, is that you get to TEST it.  Everyday if you wish.  You get to Spar (or roll) with other participants to gauge where you're at and get a REALISTIC sense of your capacity to defend yourself. 


Trauma theory helps us understand that all of us have faced some kind of traumas in our lives and helps us set a context where we can expand our capacities and belief in ourselves in a sustainable and self-respecting way. 

We draw upon concepts such as the window of tolerance and animal self defense mechanisms to help guide us through the practice.We also do some striking in the form of kickboxing to tap into your Yang and your fire so you can feel your power! Come out and become and feel EMPOWERED!


1 Class                                                         $30

6 Classes                                                   $145

12 Classes                                                 $280


1 Month                                                     $145

3 Month's                                                  $135

6 Month's                                                  $125

*Monthly memberships include 2 sessions / week*


1 Year                                          $115 / Month


Classes are $30/2 hrs, there's also options for class passes and monthly memberships at discounted rates if you think you will want to commit to the classes. I'd be happy to do the first class for $10 though to make it more accessible for you to try!

Group classes can be booked by calling (647) 701-5457 

You can also send us an email @mindfulmartialarts.mma@gmail.com