Mindful Martial Arts

What is Mindful Martial Arts? Mindful Martial Arts is a system for learning Martial Arts and Self Defense. More than that, Mindful Martial Arts is a system to take you from wherever you are in your life, with all your patterns, challenges, and struggles; meeting you exactly where you're at, and showing you systematically how to expand your capacities step by step. Both inside the dojo in the context of Martial Arts and outside the dojo in your life and whatever challenges you face. HOW? How is that that Mindful Martial Arts can do that. Drawing from Trauma theory: Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Communication strategies: Non-violent communication and Circling, and a Plethora of Martial Arts: Brazilian Jiu Jitu, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo. Mindful Martial Arts is a system that combines these modalities and supports people with their internal make up to find more strength, resilience and balance. Whether it's a pattern of escapism, impulsiveness, being overly aggressive, not standing up for yourself or being submissive Mindful Martial Arts can help support you moving through these unconscious survival strategy and bring more CHOICE, more CAPACITY, more STABILITY. The secret, is to be aware. To be mindful of what we are going through first and to be able to meet ourselves where we are at! We cannot skip steps. If we are able to tune in and start by meeting ourselves where we are at, we can begin to provide growth opportunities and challenges that are APPROPRIATE for our current capacities. When we do this skillfully, we build capacity, we overcome challenges and we build momentum and a true sense of confidence. The more this process is engaged in, the more capacity is developed the more confidence is build both inside and outside the dojo. Come try a class and begin to learn this system. It won't only help you, but you'll learn how to help others too.

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